Gearbox announced a month ago that Borderlands 2 was complete and had been sent off for certification, and today we've learned that certification on a roughly 58-hour game takes about a month, as Randy Pitchford has announced that the game is now gold.

"Borderlands 2 is now GOLD (360, PS3 EU, PS3 NA, Win PC)!" the Gearbox CEO tweeted. "PSN, PS3 JP + others imminent. Official statement to come when all ballots are in."

That means the certification is over, Borderlands 2 has passed inspection, and it's currently being stamped onto a million or so compact discs and shoved into plastic boxes at some factory.

Borderlands 2 has been impressing us more and more since we checked the game out at E3, and new trailers, PC optimization videos and the news that the sequel won't be censored anywhere in the world have only heightened our anticipation.

Less than a month to go—excited yet? Leave a comment below or on Twitter.

[via PC Gamer via reddit]