When a video of Miley Cyrus taking a hit from a bong made its way onto the internet back in 2010, she was scrutinized like crazy, and said it wasn't weed she was smoking, but salvia (though we still have our doubts).

Then a strange thing happened. Pharrell saw the video and somehow got inspired to work with her.

She tells Marie Claire: “Pharrell said, 'Don’t be offended because this is how I talk, but [I thought], That b*tch is actually living. She’s not sitting there with her Momager’s chain on her door. I want to free that b*tch. I want her out of her cage.'"

And then they got down to it.

"I'd never worked like that before," she said. "I was talking to him like he was an older brother, and everything I said was going onto the track. [I told my new manager, Bruce Flohr], ‘I don’t need the money. I don’t care if I make a dime on this. Let me make a good record.’ I got in there with Pharrell, and it was magic. Oh, dude, I’m so happy.”

[via x17]