Countless stories have been written about the origin of the iPhone. But due to Apple and Samsung's trial, this time we get to hear the unadorned truth straight from one of the company's higher-ups. According to All Things D, Apple's senior VP, Phil Schiller, testified today that after the success of the iPod the company had some room to play and "Apple was looking for another category it could reinvent." 

From All Things D

“This really changed everybody’s view of Apple both inside and outside the company,” Schiller said on Friday, resuming testimony that began toward the end of the day on Tuesday. People suggested all kinds of things Apple could do, Schiller recalled: “Make a camera, make a car, crazy stuff.”

Schiller said the company had been working on the tablet computer that would later become the iPad, but decided to shift its attention to the phone.

“At the time, cellphones weren’t any good as entertainment devices,” Schiller said.

We're still waiting on the Apple car. Ina Fried breaks down Schiller's entire testimony, head to All Things D to see what he had to say about the first time he saw Samsung's Galaxy S. 

[via All Things D]