Amazon has spent the past couple months building up its Cloud Player into viable iTunes competitor. Today the web retail giant announced a new partnership that will help it do just that: You can now listen to your Amazon Cloud library on Sonos' Wireless HiFi music systems.  

“Our goal is to enable customers to enjoy all their music, wherever they are, and on any device. Launching on Sonos today is an important part of that strategy, as our customers have been asking us to add Sonos to the list of compatible Cloud Player devices ever since we first launched Cloud Player,” said Steve Boom, vice president of Digital Music for Amazon in a statement. “We will continue to add support for more devices and platforms later this year.”     

In June, Amazon released the Cloud Player iOS app, which let users play their music on any Apple device. A month later, Amazon announced its own music matching system, similar to Apple's, that would scan user's computers and create a duplicate song in the cloud, making their library accessible to them on any device with the Cloud Player app and Internet access. 

[via Tech Crunch]