Marissa Mayer is having the best week ever. On Monday Yahoo! announced that it hired the former Google VP as its new CEO. Now we learn that Yahoo! plans to pay her very handsomely for jumping ship. 

Mayer's offer letter, which Yahoo! filed with the SEC today, reveals that her base salary will be $1 million, but she has the opportunity to make three-times that with bonuses. If she stays at the company for five years, she could make $25 million through salary and bonuses. 

Then comes the stock. In November she will get $12 million worth of stock that vests over the next three years. If the company does well, Mayer will get $12 million worth of stock each year that could potentially be worth $60 million. And for divesting herself of Google stock, Yahoo! is going to lace her with $14 million in stock. Last, but not least, Mayer is getting $30 million in stock that will vest over three years. 

Money tall like Jordan. 

[via Business Insider]