The Street Fighter series first introduced Chun Li to its roster in its gaming sequel, when the double-bunned zaftig ninjette arrived to avenge her father’s death. She’s become something of a mainstay since then – even getting her own film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. While the film received lukewarm reviews, Chun Li asserts that she had nothing to do with the film, nor does she play any role in the role-playing of her persona at anime conventions. In catching up with Chun Li (in our own pretend universe), she discusses being one of the first women in gaming, how imitation is not always the highest form of flattery, and who she would prefer to play her in her film sequel.

You were the first woman ever in fighting games. How does it feel to be the “First Lady”?
Well, my rib cage wasn’t happy with me, but I was pleased. It’s nice to be recognized for that for a change, so thank you. Most of the time I’m recognized for my thighs. 

Yeah, about them…you’re known for your lower half.
So is Iggy Azalea. 

Right, but she’s not doing helicopter kicks in video games.
True, but I’m sure she’s doing them behind closed doors.

Do you do helicopter kicks behind closed doors?
Do you? I swear you media people are always coming at me with these "gotcha" questions. What me and Blanka [pauses], I mean whoever I'm helicopter kicking is my business and not for the world to know.

Fair enough. So your film Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li didn’t do so well in the box office.
Allow me to clarify: I had nothing to do with that film. If I was responsible for casting, do you think I would’ve invited Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas on set?  Come on!

I don’t even know who that is.
See what I mean?

Well, many people felt like the actor who portrayed you, Kristin Kreuk, didn’t capture the essence of Chun Li.
Blame Canada for that one. Look at all of this yum yum I'm working with here. Kristin doesn't have half the donk I've got and have you seen my chesticles? If my bra size were high school grades, I would've flunked out.

Do you feel that the women who cosplay you are ever convincing enough?
Not the three year-olds. I did see a really cute one on the internet once. She gets a pass.

How do I know I’m speaking to the real Chun Li? Will the real Chun Li please stand up?
I’m not getting off this chair. I get paid to stand.

Who do you prefer play you if there was ever a sequel to the film?
Probably Nicki Minaj. She nailed my moves in the “Your Love” video.

You know, you’re the second video game woman to mention Nicki Minaj. So did Lara Croft.
She’s really big in the gaming world.

Because she’s built like us. Nerds love curves.

Who do you think pulls off your signature hairstyle better than you…and Princess Leia?
I’d have to say Busta Rhymes. He really drove the point home in the “Pass the Courvoisier” video.

By the way, Complex ranked you as #7 in the hottest cartoon women of all time for your nude scene in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.
Yeah, yeah, those guys are always sticking me on some list. I think they just want an excuse to oogle at me and call it work. Thanks, pervs.