This ride, common to other water parks at the time, allowed patrons to slide down a water-slick sloped surface on mats into small puddles, until they reached a foam barrier after an upslope at the end. Barriers between lanes were minimal, and people frequently collided with each other on the way down, or at the end. The seventh lane was known as the "back breaker," due to its special kicker two-thirds of the way down intended to allow jumps and splashdowns into a larger puddle. Employees at the park used to like eating at a nearby snack bar with a good view of the attraction, since it was almost guaranteed that they could see some serious injuries, lost bikini tops, or both. Mountain Creek kept this attraction open through 2005. Earlier this year, it was announced that the ride is to re-open in June. On the Mountain Creek webpage, a photo is up under the "Park Central" part. It has been confirmed on Mountain Creek's Facebook page that the ride is open where the original Surf Hill was located.

[via Wikipedia]