Thanks to the major human rights debacle that shrouded the Foxxcon Technology Group in controversy, many people think of Chinese manufacturing factories as dark, depressing places run by malevolent managers hell bent on squeezing every ounce of productivity out of the workers regardless of their well-being. And seeing as how only a handful of press has been allowed to take tours of the factories, that view has not changed. A new video posted today on YouTube may change that. 

A Swedish YouTuber user that goes by the handle AnteboyanROX posted a three minute video of Chinese workers assembling HP laptops. The video features three workers sitting at their stations along the conveyor built, doing their bit to assemble the HP laptops before they move to the next station. While the tasks do seem wearisome, there doesn't appear to be anything evil or illegal happening. 

AnteboyanROX says he came across the video when he purchased a new HP laptop and looked in the "My Documents" folder. 

So if you ever wondered where your laptop came from, now you know. Say hello to modern manufacturing. 

[via Huffington Post]