Airtime had a high-profile, celebrity-packed debut in New York last month, but so far the video chatting service from Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning hasn't exactly made the splash that some had hoped. Now the company is hoping to catch a second wind and win over new users with a flashy new viral ad and an admittedly great tagline: "The best Internet you've ever had."

In the video, a wasp-y looking guy wearing a smoking jacket walks around a victorian mansion extolling the virtues of Airtime while performing performing absurd or extravagant acts like playing chess with himself or posing for an oil painting. The video also reprises the theme of celebrity sponsors, although this time the cameos are decidedly C-list. A random string of guest stars includes Kurt Russell, MC Hammer and retired defensive back for the San Francisco 49ers, Ronnie Lott.

If this doesn't get people signing up for Airtime, maybe they can try hiring some skydivers.

[via AllThingsD]