After watching the latest trailer for Skyfall, it's clear that this will be one of the most personal James Bond movies yet. Starring Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Naomie Harris, and Javier Bardem, this movie features a direct attack on MI6 by a mysterious figure from M's past. Bond must somehow stop the attacks even after his loyalty to M is questioned. 

Director Sam Mendes seems to have shrugged off the typical Bond plots that involve world domination for this more intimate and intense storyline. Here we see an older 007 having a brush with death that is a little too close for comfort after the identities of MI6's secret agents leak out.

The new additions to the cast are highlighted by a very blonde Javier Bardem, who brings some much-needed creepiness to the main villain role. His self-assured craziness makes him the perfect foil for a seemingly somber and depressed Bond. And the brief glimpses of Naomie Harris that we get here solidify the fact that she will be one of the hotter Bond girls in recent memory.

Skyfall hits theaters on October 26 in Europe and November 9 in the U.S.