Without a doubt, Superman is one of the biggest icons in American pop-culture. The story of the immigrant orphan from the stars becoming the savior of his adopted planet is about as timeless as it gets. However, over the years writers and directors have had a hard time bringing the character into the modern age for some reason.

But from the looks of it, Warner Brothers' new take on the Superman mythos, titled Man of Steel, is going to attempt to shine a contemporary light on the legend. Directed by Zack Snyder, this short teaser trailer for the movie doesn't feature action or eye-popping set pieces; instead, it focuses on presenting us with the mood and tone that will be attached to Clark Kent's new journey. 

The most surprising thing about this teaser is the lack of Snyder's distinct over-the-top visual flair, which has been replaced by the natural lighting and moody photography of a Terrence Malick film. Aside from one brief flying shot at the end, this teaser resembles footage from an art house drama rather than a superhero epic. But after being bludgeoned by human lizards and a vapid alien invasion his summer, a little bit of an art house influence would be welcome in Man of Steel.

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14, 2013.