Talk about a young boss. A 17-year-old high school student was arrested in southwestern Ohio today after it was revealed that he was the head of a $20,000 a month, high-grade marijuana ring. The investigation, which lasted a year, ended when the Mason High School student was arrested along with seven adults. Police seized 600 hydroponically grown marijuana plants that were worth an estimated $3 million on the street.

The teen was dealing to six others—basically his lieutenants—who would in turn sell to students. Police found $6,000 in cash in his bedroom closet when they showed up with a search warrant. He denied selling weed and carrying out business on school grounds, and actually gave strict orders not to sell drugs there because the penalties would be severe.

The teen, who was described as “someone who’d be in a church youth group or honor program,” had been selling drugs since he was at least 15. Police also said that he “clearly had a high level of intelligence, but it was very misguided.” Adults indicted in the case range from ages 20 to 58, and all face several charges including possessing, cultivating, and trafficking marijuana.

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[via The Huffington Post]