Can't decide how to best alter your body/personality so that a sorority will fold you into their homogeneous ranks, enabling you to better network, make friends, and scrutinize your appearance to determine your self-worth?

You need the help of Marlea Foster and Pat Grant, aka the Rushbiddies (see above). These two women have a small business where they offer consulting services to young women rushing sororities. Foster and Grant, based in Alabama, have coached students through rush at Furman, the University of Georgia, Auburn University and more. They wear pink boas while they work, offering advice on how to dress.

For help with a different region, you might be interested in Samantha von Sperling. She helps her clients with rush at Harvard, NYU, and other universities.

Check out the entire piece on these consultants in the Times if you're in for a good afternoon cry.

[via NYTImes]