It's the 4th of July. That means it's time for burgers on the grill, cold beer and a sexy girl from around the way. Yes, from California to the New York island, this land has babes for you and me. There are 50 states in our union, and based on these 50 women, the state of our union is strong. Young starlets, sexy moms, farmer's daughters, city kids, a phenomenally talented pop siren, and an Alaskan porn star: This is America in all of her ragged glory.

Somehow this nation was lucky enough to get beauty from the four corners of the globe which makes for a melting pot, the contents of which are very hot. You won't find this kind of diversity anywhere else. These are the beauties of the great American experiment. Fifty girls for 50 states, in alphabetical order for your convenience. 'Merica!

Written by Josh Robertson