Writer: Brian Azzerello
Artists: Cliff Chiang, Tony Akins, and Kano

Who would have thought that DC would be pumping out a Wonder Woman comic every month that is amongst the best reads in the industry? By truly immersing Diana in the incestuous world of the Greek gods, Wonder Woman has gone from a book that existed solely to keep longtime fans happy to a book that has finally found its own unique voice.

For many characters, DC’s “New 52” reboot acted as a slight retooling to their personality, but with Wonder Woman, Azzarello basically reconstructed the character from the ground up. And after 10 issues of this series, we can’t imagine the character in any other way.

Backed up by a rotating cast of A-list artists, Wonder Woman has redefined a legend and has given the world of comics a truly badass female character who's more than just a sex symbol.