Writer: Rick Remender
Artists: Billy Tan, Greg Tocchini, and Phil Noto

While the rest of the Marvel U is dealing with the action-packed, though over-bloated, Avengers vs. X-Men crossover, Rick Remender is quietly going about his business over on Uncanny X-Force, and he's simply killing it on every issue.

In the book, Wolverine leads an extreme team of X-Men that have an “anything goes” mentality when it comes to their mutant crusade. During the course of the year, the team has traveled to Otherworld, killed an evil version of Ice Man, faced off against the Omega Clan, and learned of a new Brotherhood of Mutants.

Uncanny X-Force is as entertaining as it is complex, mainly because Remender refuses to simply rehash leftover X-Men stories from years past. Finally, someone has given the mutants their edge back.

As with other books on this list, though, Uncanny X-Force is besieged by a rotating cast of artists, but they all handle their work well and serve to add to the mythology. If you’re tired of exhausting crossovers and think the X-Men have grown stale over the years, give Uncanny X-Force a try. We’re just hoping that Marvel doesn’t cancel or reboot the title when Marvel NOW launches in October.