Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Chris Burnham

We don’t care that there has only been two issues of it so far; Batman Incorporated deserves to be on this list. Why? Because in the span of just two issues, Grant Morrison has already crammed in more originality, humor, and just plain wackiness than most comics do in a whole year.

Starting off with a chase scene through a slaughterhouse, the first issue of Batman Incorporated served to remind us why Morrison was born to write this character. The dialogue is sharp, the villains are crazed, and the world is a surreal mixture of crime-ridden and campy. There are elements here to appeal to fans of the grim and gritty Batman, but there are also effective lighter moments, like the debut of Bat-Cow and the ninja Man-Bats from Morrison’s earlier work.

The second issue basically re-tells of the life of Talia al Ghul and how she created the organization known as Leviathan, and, as a result, she reemerges as one of the most complex characters in Batman lore. Talia is conflicted and angry, and her rage eventually boils over under the watchful pen of Morrison. These two issues signify very good things to come for a title that could easily be the best at the company by the end of the year.

A lot of that success has to be attributed to artist Chris Burnham, who breaks all of the boundaries of panel layout with his illustrations. Together, this team seems to be en route to creating a Batman book that is wholly different from the rest. Batman Incorporated isn't the definitive Batman title on shelves at this time, but it’s impossible to ignore.