Movie: The Forgotten (2004)
Writer: Gerald Di Pego

Talk about a fitting title for movie. Anyone who actually remembers this inept and altogether dismissible thriller deserves a cookie, unless you're a devoted fan of Julianne Moore, to which we'd commend your taste in sexy ginger actresses. Moore's presence in The Forgotten is the film's second unfortunate attribute—the first, regrettably, is its unbelievably ludicrous "surprise."

Moore plays a grieving mother who thinks her you song disappeared in a plane crash, only to find out that, in vintage Twilight Zone style, she never had a son. Or so a few suspect folks say, and, naturally, she's not buying it. Neither was screenwriter Gerald Di Pego when was penning the script, it seems, because once the big twist surfaces, it's as if he decided to start writing a completely different around the page-45 mark.

Switching gears from what's been a dull Lifetime Movie, The Forgotten turns into a preposterous science fiction clusterfuck. The cause: It's revealed that aliens took Moore’s son. Why? Because pinning it on Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster would've been too silly.