Weddings are ordinarily classy affairs where white table cloths, pomp, and circumstance take center stage. But a redneck wedding is an entirely different scenario.

Since 2008, CMT has been following couples to be as they take that momentous strut down the aisle; or, in the case of My Big Redneck Wedding, through the muddy country fields. Each episode follows a new couple, with Tom Arnold hosting the "down home" (CMT's euphemism for really freaking redneck) nuptials.

Instead of enjoying a first toast with expensive bubbly, couples enjoy tandem beer funneling. Gone are the white gowns; women opt to wear coordinating camouflage dresses (you know, to match their man). Flowers are substituted with shotguns, and boutonnieres swapped out for guns and cans of beer. One couple even leaves the ceremony on their quads, a powerful ending to a peculiar ordeal that will (obligatory wedding pun) have you rolling in the mud-caked wedding aisle.