Date: January 20

Once the biggest name in online storage and file sharing, Megaupload's reign came to an abrupt and unexpected end when it was shut down by U.S. Department of Justice. Amid complaints from the RIAA and the Motion Picture Association of America that the site, which was based in Hong Kong, was pirating their products, the company's Virginia office was raided. The company's CEO, Kim Dotcom, and three top-level executives were arrested in New Zealand shortly thereafter.

The arrests raised questions over whether the U.S. government had the right to arrest a citizens of other countries for crimes not committed in the United States. But what really raised eyebrows was the man who was listed as CEO: Swizz Beatz. Before the website was shut down, Megaupload received endorsements from a bunch of celebrities including Kanye West and Beatz's wife, Alicia Keys.

As it stands, Megaupload is still shut down. Visit the website and you'll see a banner from the U.S. government explaining that the site has been seized. Kim Dotcom is currently fighting against the FBI's extradition request. Recently a New Zealand judge ruled that the police acted on an unlawful search warrant when they raided Dotcom's home. Who knows what's going to happen next."