Date: May 2

Ever since Kickstarter started its quest of streamlining the process of crowd funding for entrepreneurs looking to get out their dreams in 2008, there has been talk of its model negating the need for venture capitalists for micro start-ups. However, when Eric Migicovsky posted his prototype for a digital watch with an e-paper display that connects to iPhone and Android devices, he proved that Kickstarter may be able to give VCs a true run for their money.

Migicovsky's goal for the Pebble watch was a sizable sum of $100,000. He blew past that mark within hours. Three weeks later, the project broke through all of Kickstarter's previous fundraising record of $3.3 million, by drawing in $7.8 million. The success not only cemented the fact that the Pebble watch will be a success when launched, but that anyone with a good enough idea can make it happen.