Neighborhood: East Village
Address: 96 Ave. C

Maybe we’re getting old, or maybe we’re just enormous haters, but sometimes the hypercharged East Village bar scene is enough to make us want to jump in front of the F train. When the day calls for a quiet, relaxing pint (most days, really), we migrate to Avenue C and take refuge from the unsavory hordes at ABC Beer Co., a smart new bottle job that doubles as a laidback barroom. Leather chairs and reading lamps are inviting if you just want to max with a copy of a 50 Shades of Grey and some Brooklyn Brewery Sorachi Ace on tap, and there are big communal wooden tables if you want to post up with your crew. And unlike most Manhattan bars that have embraced the $8 pint, ABC keeps most pints at a fair six bucks. We also appreciate that they offer half-pints ($2–$3) for those looking to sample the full lineup without ending up face-down in the gutter.