Hanging around the Capcom booth at Comic-Con over the weekend, I witnessed a heated exchange between a company rep and a fan who was practically livid.

But this fan wasn't incensed by on-disc DLC or the long lines at the Con. Nope. He was furious that the Hello Kitty/Street Fighter crossover Chun-Li plushies had sold out for the third day in a row.

Now that poor fan should be able to rest easy, as Joystiq is reporting that the hot-ticket items, which include a Ryu and M. Bison dolls in addition to the Chun-Li figure, are headed to retail stores.

Which ones? "As many stores as we can get them into," a Capcom booth attendant reportedly said. He mentioned Hot Topic, Sanrio and Toys 'R' Us. And these are only the beginning—they're Series 1 of the Hello Kitty/Street Fighter line.

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