Research in Motion just can't catch a break. The New York Times is reporting that the BlackBerry maker has been found liable of infringing on software patents held by mobile device management company Mformation Technologies. The damage? A cold $147 million. 

The lawsuit dates back to 2008 when Mformation Technologies accused RIM of using its technology in its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) software. BES allows companies to manage a host of BlackBerry devices. 

"The company claimed it had disclosed details of the technology to RIM during licensing discussions. After declining to take a license, the BlackBerry maker modified its software to include the patented systems, Mformation said in its complaint."

The jury ruled that RIM must pay Mformation Technologies "a royalty of $8 for each of the 18.4 million units, accounting for a total payment of $147.2 million." This is not what the company needed after losing more smartphone marketshare in the first quarter. 

[via NY Times]