Pudsey the dog gained a ton of fame across the pond as the "dancing dog" who ended up winning this past season of Britain's Got Talent, but according to The Guardian, his talents don't end there. Apparently, publisher Little, Brown has offered the dog a £350,000 (that's $542,131, by the way) book deal for an autobiography that is slated to be released around Christmas. That's right.

From The Guardian:

It is not unusual for the winner of a Simon Cowell talent show to sign a book deal. But the fact that this latest memoir will come from Pudsey the Dog – you remember, from Britain's Got Talent – may give you paws for thought. The Daily Mirror reports that publisher Little, Brown has signed up Pudsey the wonderdog for £350,000 for an, er, autobidography that will be out in time for Christmas. Pudsey's owner Ashleigh will presumably bank the cash as we're guessing Pudsey doesn't have a bank account. If it did it would be with Bark-lays, obviously.

Pudsey got a book deal and he's only six. What have you done with your life?

Also, "autobidography"? "Bark-lays"? The Guardian, you're better than these puns.

[via Guardian]

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