First, there was the massive Steam Summer Sale. Then there was Best Buy's Summer Gaming Blowout. Now Amazon is getting in on the summer video game sale bandwagon with another  day-long Gold Box sale for video games.

If you've never seen a Gold Box sale on Amazon, here's how it works: Amazon puts a single game on sale all day long, but also runs flash sales throughout the day, discounting a different game every two hours or so.

Today, the video game adaptation of Pixar's Brave is on sale all day: It's $25, down from $50.

At the time of posting, Amazon is on their second game of the day: WWE 12 is $35 until 1pm Eastern.

As always, Amazon has posted clues as to what games will be going on sale at various times throughout the day. Here's a list of the clues:

  • 1pm-3pm Eastern - "Action RPG Meets First Person Shooter - Game of the Year Edition!"
  • 3pm-6pm Eastern - "Lightning strikes in the great groundbreaking collector's edition."
  • 6pm-8pm Eastern - "Enjoy your vacation with this horror thriller."
  • 8pm-11pm Eastern - "Feel the Payne!"
  • 11pm-12am Eastern - "For the serious fighting game enthusiast!"

Based on the clues, I'm guessing that Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Final Fantasy XIII-2: Collector's Edition, Dead Island, and Max Payne 3 will all be on sale at different times throughout the day. The last one sounds like an arcade stick or some kind of peripheral, but it could be anything.

If your urge to go on a summer video game feeding frenzy hasn't been sated yet, you should definitely check Amazon whenever you get a chance today.

[Via Amazon]