It doesn't matter what part of New York City you're from, you're a snob about something. Be it bagels, pizza, or cheesecake, every New Yorker has something for which they will accept no substitute. Iced drinks are no exception, and with temperatures and humidity getting out of hand this summer, New Yorkers have been grasping for cold beverages like life their lives depended on it (which might not be such an exaggeration). But hey, New York, check it out: there is a familiar spot that has some unfamiliar drinks just as good as the place on the corner. That place is McDonald's, and this summer they've got an "Anytime Beverage" menu perfect for big city dwellers. The McDonald's Iced Coffee, Mocha Frappe, and Strawberry Banana Smoothie are all worth opening your mind for—and you know McDonald's won't hit your wallet the way some NYC coffeehouses will. Hey, who knows—McDonald's might just become your new place on the corner.