It seems like every few months a new rumor will pop up about a new Jurassic Park movie being in the works, but so far nothing has ever come from any of them. And with the last installment in the franchise being over a decade old at this point, most people probably assumed that the series was dead.

But in a recent interview with Collider, producer Frank Marshall confirmed that the series is very much alive and a new installment could be coming out sooner than expected.

“I would say that it will be on the screen within two years," Marshall claimed. And with that one quote, the rampant speculation can begin again. 

What we do know about a Jurassic Park 4 is that it will be a sequel to the existing movies and not a reboot like so many Hollywood franchises have become. Unfortunately, Steven Spielberg has already gone on record to confirm that he will not return as director. And with no director or cast in place, we find it hard to believe that it will be in theaters in two years like Marshall claims.

Then again, Rise of the Planet of the Apes had a truncated production schedule and it still managed to become one of the best blockbusters of the past 10 years. So there is always hope. 

[via Collider