Alright, first of all, don’t do bath salts. Second, definitely don’t do bath salts in the maternity ward mere days after giving birth. 31-year-old Carla Murphy of Altoona, Pa., was arrested for aggravated assault and too many drug charges to name after ripping her clothes off and attacking the staff and police officers at Altoona Regional Hospital while under the influence of bath salts on June 17.

Two days after giving birth to her son, Tyler, hospital staff noticed her aggressive behavior. After realizing she was on drugs that they hadn’t given to her, they attempted to subdue her, but she ran into the bathroom and began rolling on the floor stark naked and rambling nonsense. After searching her purse, they found what Murphy called “Disco,” a particular brand of bath salts.

She was given the anti-psychotic drug Hadol to calm her, but that failed and she attempted to flee. In the process, she punched a nurse, kicked a police officer and tried to bite him. Despite eventually being handcuffed, she still kept fighting until the drug finally kicked in and she was taken into custody. Turns out she had another bundle of joy waiting for her—an outstanding warrant.

Her boyfriend, Michael Stewart, allowed police to inspect the home where the newborn was staying, and they discovered needles, aluminum foil, bath salts containers, and a broken bottle with brown residue on it. He was subsequently charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. That little boy deserves so much better.

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[via Daily Mail UK]