Comic-Con's barely even started yet and we're already starting to hear crazy gaming news out of the show. Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios have revealed two new playable characters joining the Injustice: Gods Among Us lineup. Teen Titan Cyborg and ex-sidekick Nightwing will jump into the upcoming Superhero battle royale.

The two of them join the initially announced cast - Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, and Harley Quinn - bringing the roster up to eight.

We've got a little scouting report on how both of the new characters will handle themselves, based on a rundown from Polygon:

Nightwing is very quick gadget-type fighter. He uses a staff to keep enemies at a distance and has a leap technique to keep himself from getting cornered. Nightwing's special ability splits the staff in two, increasing his jump height and speed, but reducing his attack range.

Cyborg, on the other hand, has a combination of powerful close-up attacks and projectiles, including fireballs, lasers, and missiles. Different projectiles are used to hit opponents directly in front, crouching, and in mid-air. Cyborg's special allows him to regenerate his health over time.

You can expect to hear about at least a few more characters before Injustice: Gods Among Us swings into action in 2013.

[Via Polygon]