The Black Swan and The Dark Knight aren't getting along.

Natalie Portman is busy shooting "Knight of Cups" with Christian Bale, but according to a source, Bale's behavior has her ready to jump ship on the film altogether.

“Natalie can’t stand him,” says the source. “She thinks he’s tedious, arrogant and a disgrace to the acting profession.”

The root of her frustration appears to be Bale's relentless pursuit of perfection. As a result, about an hour's worth of scenes is taking much longer than expected to shoot. Portman's no slouch, but she doesn't want to go over every little nuance of a scene a hundred times.

"Christian is constantly frustrated by his own work and incredibly intense and highly stressed over each scene,” says the source. “He’ll insist they shoot over and over again because he didn’t like how he punctuated a line or something. Sometimes they wind up spending all night on the set just to satisfy Christian’s obsessive perfectionism.”

Portman basically feels Bale needs to be more respectful of her time.

"Natalie’s really offended by Christian’s behavior and feels he’s completely dismissive of her," the source continues. "She thinks he’s all about his ego, and he doesn’t care who he insults or inconveniences.”