Minecraft with guns has been triedmultiple times, in fact. And we're not saying BrickForce, StarForge and GunCraft aren't fun. But what if the actual studio behind Minecraft, Mojang, created a first-person shooter themselves?

Not that it would be Minecraft with guns. Anyway, it's not like we'll ever find out now, since it turns out they were making an FPS—and now it's cancelled.

The company was collaborating on a shooter with another studio, and the project has now been canned in its prototype stage. As in, kaputt. No more Mojang FPS. Sad face.

Notch told Joystiq that the project was ditched because Mojang "did not want more external dependencies," and that "the success of Minecraft meant we could focus on projects fully owned by us."

Would they ever consider collaborating with another company again? "Not to make money," Notch said. "If there are other reasons to collaborate, maybe!"

We can think of a few (what would the world be like without Reeses?). Can you? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.