We're all for having a good time, but your good time should never end with you naked and in handcuffs—unless you're just freaky like that. 17-year-old Nicholad Haviaras was arrested in Waterford, MI after police found him lying naked in the middle of the road following a long, sordid night of partying.

As officers approached Haviaras, he sprang into action, smashing the windshield of their vehicle. Nobody wants to stand that close to a naked man, but police were left with no choice but to administer the Taser until he tapped out.  He was charged with felony resisting arrest and obstructing police, as well as malicious destruction of police property.

According to witnesses, his naked antics were inspired by a hallucinogen known as "blotter acid," and Haviaras confirmed this with police. Hopefully, this doesn't become as popular as bath salts.

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[via The Huffington Post]