After attempting to tell his side of the story through interviews with the press, Kim Dotcom has decided to take things into his own hands and bring his message to the people. The Megauload  founder has launched his own website,, and has even produced a song with an accompanying video. 

On his website, Dotcom makes his message clear. Beneath an image of the White House with a flag that bears the logo of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), is a message that reads: "The war for the Internet has begun. Hollywood is in control of politics. The government is killing innovation." He asks readers if they will vote for Obama if Megaupload is not up and running on November 1. There's also a section of the site labeled "10 Facts About the Megaupload Scandal" that seeks to clarify the company's and Dotcom's current legal troubles. 

The highlight of the site, though, is a new music video (seen above) for a song called "Mr. President," wherein Dotcom calls President Obama a "Hollywood marionette taking over our Internet." To him, Hollywood is working in tandem with the U.S. government to stifle innovation. He also sees himself as a new-age Martin Luther King, Jr. and Che Guevara. So there's that. 

Kim Dotcom is currently on house arrest in New Zealand where he is awaiting trail. In June, a New Zealand High Court judge ruled that the evidence collected by the FBI during a raid of Dotcom's house is inadmissible in court due to the warrants not being clear enough. 

[via Motherboard]