Just a few weeks after we reported that producer Frank Marshall is looking for ways to get Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon to team up for a new Bourne movie, Coming Soon has posted an interview with Damon where the actor openly states he would be willing to return to the franchise.

"I really want to do another one and I think Paul Greengrass does too," Damon said. "But I think it's the same question we've had after each one. If we really feel we can do it and that it will deserve to live with the other three that we did. If we can make one where we go into it feeling it can be even better than those, and it ends up being in that same ballpark, then we should do it. But If we can't, then we really should leave it alone."

Now we're not sure if he's just saying this to please fans, or if he's really down to return. But there is no doubting the fact that a Bourne movie with both Damon and Renner in it would satisfy our spy/espionage urges for years to come.

Renner's debut in The Bourne Legacy will hit theaters on August 10.

[via Coming Soon