Fun fact: The upcoming remake of Total Recall is actually another feature-length argument for the ever-popular Mass Effect 3 indoctrination theory...

Ok, so that's a lie. But wouldn't it make the movie so much cooler?

This trailer remix, the latest in a series of game-centric trailer mash-ups from the guys at Node Studios, combines the audio from a trailer for the 2012 remake of Total Recall with a trailer for Mass Effect 3.

It's kind of a perfect fit, really. Total Recall is about a conspiracy revolving around a guy whose memories have been tampered with. Meanwhile, die-hard fans of Mass Effect 3 were on the verge of accusing Bioware of the same thing... Heyo!

You could also go on drawing parelells between Shepard and Total Recall protagonist Doug Quaid, but I think the other way is much, much funnier.

[From Node via Kotaku]