Capcom announced today that they will be re-releasing aging arcade fighters Marvel Super Heroes and the original Marvel vs. Capcom as a downloadable double-pack, Marvel vs Capcom: Origins.

Marvel Super Heroes was the foundation for the "Marvel" side of MvC. Until Marvel vs Capcom 3, the designs and move-sets for characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America all came from that game.

The original Marvel vs Capcom needs no introduction. It definitely isn't the first fighting-franchise mash-up or even the first tag team game, but it paved the way for much beloved conglomerate of things associated with Capcom fighting games.

The games are getting a nice polish before coming back on the market. Aside from a visual uprezzing, Capcom is adding online play, achievements, and other modern fighting essentials.

Fans will be able to take Marvel vs Capcom: Origins for a spin at both EVO (which starts tomorrow) and Comic-Con this weekend. For everybody else, the game is coming to PSN and XBLA this September, for 14.99 and 1200 MS points, respectively.