After The Avengers grossed about more money than any movie in history this summer, it's no surprise that Disney and Marvel want to milk this cash cow dry. And in addition to movie sequels and spin-offs, the company is in the process of developing a TV series set in the film universe over at ABC, according to Deadline.

Now this series won't include any of the characters from the movie itself, yet it will be set in the same world and deal with the same themes that the film presented us with. The show is still very early in development, but one of the ideas being thrown around is a "high-concept cop show." This would be a perfect way to get Avengers fans to watch the show while keeping the budget reasonable at the same time. 

This project is still a long ways off, but with the network already developing a show based on the Hulk, we wouldn't be shocked if it continued to explore the small screen for ways to enhance the Avengers brand. 

[via Deadline