The man who snuck into Diddy's East New York mansion back in April was really living like a king for a second. Yesterday, it was revealed that 30-year-old Quamine Taylor drank his liquor, ate his food and even bathed with his soap. He even used Diddy's toothbrush.

At his sentencing, Taylor told prosecutors that he "brought a cheesesteak, a cheesecake, a bucket of fried chicken—which I ate at the house—and drank a ‘dollar’ bottle of Hennessy and four cans of Pepsi." After crushing a bottle of Hpnotiq (no Ciroc?), he says he went upstairs and passed out.

Taylor spent nearly 24 hours in the home before being caught, but says he planned to stay for "5 to 17 days." He had been unable to post his $2,000 bail, so he was sentenced to time served and ordered to stay the hell away from Diddy's homes for five years. This isn't the first time he's pulled this stunt, either. Back in 2001, Taylor pretended to be Diddy's cousin and cops found him in the swimming pool.

He wanted a taste of the good life, and he got it. Can't nobody hold him downexcept for the law.

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[via NY Post]