There's no way Friday the 13th could pass without some fuckery, right? Arthur Walker got remarkably high and made quite the entrance at the Southwest Center Mall in Dallas, driving his pickup truck straight through the building. He left tire marks on the tile floor as he plowed through the mall, knocking over kiosks and finally stopping when he crashed into the gate of a Champs Sports. Oh yeah, he also decided to steal some clothes because he was naked.

The 35-year-old Walker was discovered by police fully dressed, and they took him to a local hospital for evaluation. Despite being blasted, dude still had the mind to steal fresh shoes and socks. It hasn't been determined what substance inspired Walker's nude, Grand Theft Auto episode, and he has yet to be charged. Expect charges of burglary and criminal mischief to pop up soon, though. 

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[via NY Daily News]

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