A new interactive trailer for Crytek 3 details how players can handle combat situations in different ways, depending on whether players prefer to use the game's stealth mechanics or prefer a more action-packed run-and-gun experience.

In the trailer, player character Prophet has to engage a patrol in order to reach his (your) objective. Viewers can choose to watch Prophet pick off enemies using the nanosuit's cloaking abilities and Prophet's handy-dandy composite bow, or use his armor ability and heavy weapons to take the squad head-on.

Unfortunately, Crytek isn't showing the "Mike Epstein" play-style, which is to try and take enemies down stealthily, get spotted after one or two kills, and then be forced to use heavy weapons to get out of a terrible strategic position.

Hopefully, we'll get another demo showing that option before Crysis 3 hits stores in February 2013.