The cast of Parks and Recreation is currently in Washington D.C. shooting scenes for the upcoming season, and, apparently, a few rather well-known politicians will be joining Leslie Knope and Co. in the September 27th episode.

According to Vulture, Senators John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia Snowe have already filmed cameos for the show, with McCain in particular sharing a scene with Amy Poehler as he revealed on his Twitter today: "Had a great time shooting @ParksandRecNBC today w/ Amy Poehler - I think it's an Emmy!" Well, stranger things have happened. 

Additionally, The Washington Post reports that filming did take place at the Old Executive Office Building, which gives us hope that maybe some closure can be brought to that whole Leslie Knope/Joe Biden unrequited love affair plotline they've been dangling for ages.

[via Vulture]