Tom Cruise is a single guy now, so all of us losers who aren't Tom Cruise are sitting around wondering— who will he sleep with next?

Page Six has decided his next conquest will be Olga Kurylenko, his 32-year-old co-star in "Oblivion." The pair have been busy shooting the film for the past few months, and sources say they have "a great deal of chemistry."

But that's pretty much B.S., according to Cruise's rep.

“They are shooting a movie and they are actors," says the rep. "Their chemistry on set is them acting. It’s their job.”

Kurylenko is reportedly dating actor Danny Huston, and he's visited her on the “Oblivion” set in locations like New Mexico, Iceland, Baton Rouge, La., and Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

Her rep completely shut down the insistence that there might be something going on between her and Cruise.

“Completely not true," he rep said. "She is dating Danny Huston. You are so going down the wrong path.”