If there's anything that can be said about gamers, it's that they love customization. Whether it's an in-game character, vehicle or avatar, we go nuts over the option of making things look different. Controllers and consoles are no different. The stock controllers we all get with our systems are fine as is but there's something about adding textures, colors and lights to them that gives it a bit more "1337" cred.

Tim Erven of GeniusMods is catering to the custom fetish with his own line of controllers and individual service. Anything your mind desires, Tim can make it happen on a controler or console and the public is taking notice. Tim's work has already been recognized by Business Week and the Huffington Post where he's spreading the word on gaming culture and the postive moves its making.

We spoke with Tim about his start in the modding game and what goes into it. Check out our interview.

For more info on GeniusMods and their services check out the site here and be sure to follow them on Twitter. You can also shoot them an email at support@geniusmods.com