Images of Trayvon Martin's bloody clothes—including his hoodie—were released for the first time yesterday as the prosecution ramps up their case against George Zimmerman. Zimmerman has been accused of killing Martin in Sanford, FL, back on February 26. 

The black and white photos were part of a 284 pages of documents collected by the FBI and Florida law enforcement while conducting  a civil rights investigation. The Fruit of the Loom hoodie Martin wore on the night on Feb. 26 was described as "size L" with “faint/slight orange discoloration.” 

The images are consistent with reports that Martin was shot directly in the chest, as the Nike sweatshirt he wore underneath carries a bullet hole and blood stains near the chest area.

Documents released yesterday also allegedly clear up confusion over a potential racially-charged comment that Zimmerman made during his 911 call. Where it sounds like he says "fucking coons," a Sanford police officer said that local gang members were referred to as "goons."

New evidence reveals how Martin spent the final days of his life. He attended a football game with a cousin, and although his father gave him money to go see a movie, he never went. Instead, he elected to go to a convenience store with his cousin. Martin's father and his fiance went out to dinner the night he was murdered and returned to find him missing.

After posting bond, Zimmerman is living in a safe house with 24-hour security. He was charged with second-degree murder, and will remain in hiding as he awaits trial.

[via NY Daily News]