Even if she misses you, it's unlikely she'll reach out and be the one to make amends. Blame it on all of the bad rom-coms we've seen, but we all possess this (lame) secret fantasy of a misled boyfriend seeing the light, a dramatic scene in which he reveals, "Love is too weak a word for  what I feel." (Woody Allen's Annie Hall, in case you were wondering.)

Okay, we don't want you to be that corny or unoriginal, but we do need you to take a stand and show your feelings. If the idea of putting you heart on the chopping block sends shivers up your spine, consider that you might not really want her back that badly. But if you do, prepare to open up your rib cage.

Take her out and make your sincere feelings clear. Tell her you want another chance, and that you understand if she doesn't give you one, but that you'll spend forever making sure she doesn't regret it. Put it all on the line and pray she takes you up on the offer.