Nothing makes us shake our head more vigorously than a couple who exposes their very soiled laundry to a largely unwilling audience. It's unsettling when you overload our timeline with diatribes of adoration, and then hours later are cursing the moment she walked into your life. This can range from vague blanket aphorisms like, "Good guys always finish last" and "Never trust women" to more specific statements like, "Julie ruined my life by having sex with my best friend."

At this point, we want to feel sympathy for you, but we're too overcome with disgust that you'd share such personal information with over 800 people, roughly 750 of which are distant acquaintances, at best. Now we're not worrying about how promiscuous Julie is, we're concerned about what type of person would serve their relationship up on a platter for the Internet vultures to mock, gossip about and subsequently devour.