Images of what's reported to be the development kit for the next generation of Xbox hardware—whatever you want to call it—have surfaced online. The blurry photos first appeared on the Assembler Forums, where a user claimed to be selling the kit for $10,000. It was largely considered nothing more than a hoax.

Now, though, Digital Foundry has reportedly spoken to multiple developers who've confirmed that what we're seeing in the photos is indeed the dev kit for the "Xbox Durango" (likely the codename for the Xbox 720).

The development kit is described as "an anonymous-looking black box" with components that could be found in any modern gaming PC. The dashboard features the word "Durango," as well as the options D3D11Game1 and NuiView. NuiView has been described as “a simple tool for rendering camera views and data from an attached Kinect peripheral.”

The next Xbox is rumored to be six times as powerful than the current generation of consoles, including the Wii U, which hasn't even been released yet. Hopefully the next sucker who gets his or her hands on a dev kit can take a picture with something other than a shitty camera phone in shaky hands.

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