The days of Amazon providing free unlimited 3G data for those who throw down a little more coin for the Kindle Touch 3G and Kindle Keyboard 3G may be coming to an end. Reports have come out of users receiving messages from Amazon warning them that they're about to exceed their 50 MB monthly bandwidth allotment. 

A MobileRead forum member called chamekke yesterday posted the following:  

I was using the browser when it popped up a message to say that I’d hit my 50 MB monthly limit of 3G Web access on my Kindle 3G. When I clicked the ‘OK’ button (which was my only choice, really), I got a second message saying that I’d have 24 hours of grace to continue to use 3G for Web browsing, but that after that I could use 3G only for visiting, Wikipedia, and the Kindle Store. Otherwise I will be obligated to use Wi-Fi.

When the Kindle launched in 2007, it came with what Amazon called The Experimental Browser that allowed users to browse the web for free using the built-in 3G antenna. Later, Amazon introduced a policy that stated: "The Experimental Web Browser is currently only available for some customers outside of the United States and may be limited to 50MB of browsing over 3G per month."

Amazon has not commented on the matter, but with the Kindle being the best-selling e-reader, it makes sense to start enforcing the bandwidth limit as it's now probably getting pretty costly to give millions of users free unlimited data. 

[The Digital Reader via Ubergizmo]

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