Walk into any ultra-modern public bathroom and you'll see a plethora of hands-free appliances ranging from toilets to faucets. A company called Shikoku would like to add one more: the Camitool hands-free toilet paper dispenser. 

The dispenser would work much in the same way the hands-free soap dispensers work: You hover your hand above a sensor and wait for the sheets of TP to be released. Unlike other hands-free toilet paper systems, the Camitool measures and cuts the paper, leaving the user to do nothing by the allocated sheets. The Camitool can work with any brand of toilet paper and is able to dispense it in three lengths: 60, 90, and 120 cm. 

So far, the Camitool has been sold to hospitals, where there's a serious need for employees not to touch germ-ridden surfaces. The commercial version, which is made out of plastic, is available for $750. A wooden version designed for homes is also available for $1,200. 

[DigiInto TV via Gizmodo]